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Coffee Powder for Baking

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Product Description

The perfect ingredient for baking, whether it’s used as a recipe ingredient, as a chocolate flavoring additive or even as very lightly sprinkled topping on ice cream, brownies, cookies and more. A fresh fine Coffee Powder that is made specifically for cooking with finer grounds than Espresso, so it easily dissolves, working better than Espresso powder and instant coffee granules. Loaded with flavor many have come to love the improved taste with finished recipes.

For mixing with chocolate, sauce toppings, cake/cookie frosting or a very tasty chocolate mousse start with 1/2 teaspoon and adjust to taste, up to 2 teaspoons for strongest coffee flavor.

For a sprinkled topping use a powdered sugar / flour shaker and lightly sprinkle over foods to be enhanced with coffee flavor.

100% Pure Coffee – no additives or preservatives. All natural. Package: 2.5 Oz. Processed, packaged and distributed in the USA.


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Additional information

Caffeine Level

Caffeinated, Decaf

Grinding Options

Coarse Ground, Drip Ground, Espresso Ground, Whole Bean


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